Music Sales Corporation: Notecracker: Guitar Chords

Notecracker: Guitar Chords


(Music Sales America). Notecrackers are handy little packs of facts, tips and entertainment on musical topics. They give instant reference to things like chords and music theory as well as musical trivia and jokes, making them perfect pocket-sized gifts. Each pack is 1-1/8 high x 3-1/4 wide and features drilled laminated pages with one fact or theory per page so you can quickly flip through the pack.

This book identifies the distinguishing features of fundamental theology, as distinct from philosophical theology, natural theology, apologetics, and other similar disciplines. Addressing the potential for confusion about basic Christian claims and beliefs, Gerald O'Collins sets out Notecracker: Guitar Chords download epub to relaunch fundamental theology as a discipline by presenting a coherent vision of basic theological questions and positions that lay the ground for work in specific areas of systematic theology. Rethinking Fundamental Theology examines central theological questions: about God, human experience and, specifically, religious experience; the divine revelation coming through the history of Israel and through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus; human faith that responds to revelation; the nature of tradition that transmits the record and reality of revelation; the structure of biblical inspiration and truth, as well as basic issues concerned with the formation of the canon; the founding of the Church with some leadership structures; the relationship between Christ's revelation and the faith of those who follow other religions. O'Collins concludes with some reflections on theological method.

Author: Music Sales Corporation
Number of Pages: 70 pages
Published Date: 01 Oct 2008
Publisher: Music Sales Ltd
Publication Country: London, United Kingdom
Language: English
ISBN: 9781847722485
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